Southwest Florida is known for its fantastic fishing in addition to its warm climate and beautiful beaches. Whether you prefer fishing in Marco Island, Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers Beach, Pine Island or Sanibel Island, the fishing is hot most of the year with Redfish, Snook, Sheepshead, Mackerel, Tarpon, Pompano, Speckled Seatrout, Snapper, Shark and Grouper.  There are numerous marinas along the water that offer fuel, live bait, drinks and snacks.  So, if you are fishing, shrimping, crabbing or just cruising to your favorite restaurant for a bite to eat, you will find exactly what you want right here in Southwest Florida.  In your search for that perfect home or lot, let us show you the area by boat and maybe we will see some dolphin and even catch a fish or two along the way.     



 <<< Carol caught the Biggest Fish of the day with her 24" Red Grouper.  Joe's Grouper was not as big and was thrown back to grow a little bigger.   We caught over 50 fish on a beautiful sunny day on the Gulf about 35 miles offshore from Naples >>>

   <<< Nancy and George were happy with their Red Grouper catches in Naples.  Nancy's Grouper was 20" long and George's Grouper was 23" long.  They were busy all day catching a large variety of fish, including hooking onto a couple 10' Sharks >>>  
  <<< Bobby and Emily with just two of the many fish everyone caught in Sarasota Bay.  Emily took a quick dip in the Gulf and got out right before a giant shark decided to cruise around our boat >>>  

 <<< A beautiful day in Sarasota fishing with Bobby and Emily

Carol caught a 33 inch Cobia about 10 miles offshore on the Gulf, a perfect day on the water with Bobby and Emily >>>


 <<<Freedom Waters Foundation had its Annual Fishing Tournament again in Naples and we took 4 girls out this year.  Everyone caught fish and one of the girls even got a trophy for the most unusual fish>>>

   <<<Freedom Waters Foundation and Freedom Boat Club team up to take about 75 teenage girls fishing>>>  
      <<<<Carol and Joe had the pleasure of taking 3 girls from PACE on the boat fishing in the "Heels and Reels" event recently.  None of the girls have ever fished before >>>>  
   <<<<This event, one of many we have participated in with Freedom Waters Foundation. It was a beautiful day and a fun time on the water in Naples>>>>  


    <<<<Mason and Brett Shaffner out fishing with us about 25 miles offshore on a somewhat windy and rocky day in late December>>>>

   <<< Ed and Michelle Young out with us about 30 miles offshore from Naples.  Beautiful sunny November day and a great time fishing with our friends. >>  

  <<< Soraya was HOT and caught the first BIG Grouper of the day along with many, many more.

Marvin also was on fire with a Grouper on his line every 10 minutes >>>

<<< A great day on the water considering the 95 degree August heat and the full moon the night before - usually the sign of a bad day of fishing >>>


 <<< Marvin, Soraya and Denete are each holding a nice, fat, not so happy Grouper.

In only 3 hours, we caught 16 keeper Groupers, each over 22" but had to throw back 6 to stay within our 2 per person limit.  It sure broke everybody's heart! >>>


 <<< Joe and Rich heading out on the Gulf to get some big Grouper.

Jerry with his first of many Grouper for the day >>>


<<< Carol with her BIG catch of the day - a 26" Red Grouper.....Way to go Carol!  Too bad the Tuna got away.  We will get him next time.

Joe right behind Carol with his somewhat smaller 24" Grouper.  What a gentleman.... letting his wife catch the biggest fish of the day>>>


<<<Carol giving Mark a hug congratulating him for bringing in his big 24" Grouper

Rick in position to bring in that BIG ONE!>>>


Mark and Rick, our friends and Reserve at Estero neighbors, fishing with us about 25 miles offshore from Wiggins Pass in Naples.

<<<Mark with one of his many Groupers for the day

Rick caught this Grouper in between all the many sharks on his line>>>


 <<<Charlie, Jill, Carol and Joe heading out for a nice day on the water.

Carol with a nice Grouper she caught that day>>>


The Heels and Reels Fishing Tournament in Naples

<<< Lucero caught the biggest Grouper on our team.  She had never been fishing or even on a boat before.  She said that she really loved going fast in the boat and kept asking to go FASTER!

Our Heels and Reels fishing team with Angie, Daisy and Lucero.  The girls caught 22 fish that day and watched 4 Dolphin put on a terrific water show for them >>>


 Heels and Reels Fishing Tournament in Naples

<<< Carol and Joe took 3 teenage girls Grouper fishing from the New Horizons Foundation for the Heels and Reels fishing tournament that we volunteer for every year.  Pictured here are Angie and Daisy who had a blast catching a lot of big Grouper >>>


<<< Heels and Reels Fishing Tournament group photo in Naples sponsored by Freedom Waters and Freedom Boat Club. 

Joe and Carol going over the safe boating and fishing rules with the girls just before taking off to the Gulf waters in hopes of catching some giant Grouper >>>


<<< Karen's grandson Majid with his first shark before feeding the other sharks his own chum for a couple hours. 

Joe with his last catch of the day about 10 minutes before we pulled up our lines to return to shore >>>


<<< Carol, her Uncle Jerry and Joe preparing to take off from Bayfront Marina to that special Grouper hole in the Gulf.

Jerry catching this BIG 23" Red Grouper about 25 miles offshore from Naples.  What a terrific day on the water....we caught over 100 fish >>>


<<< Tom and Patti's son, Bradley with one of the many Groupers he hooked onto that day.  Way to go Bradley!

Carol got in the action also with a nice Grouper catch.  A Dolphin is in background poking its head out of the water looking to see if she would throw him a snack >>>


<<< Patti and Tom fishing with us on the beautiful Gulf waters west of Gordon's Pass.  Patti caught the BIGGEST fish of the day!  Lady Luck at its best!

Tom with one of his Grouper catches that he happily filleted and served for dinner that night >>>

 <<< The Realty World Gang out on the Gulf for a fun day of fishing.             

        Jason nabbed the BIG ONE of the day >>>

<<< Holy Mackerel!  Joe with his King Mackerel and Carol with her Sea Trout both having a good day offshore about 25 miles from Naples >>>

 <<< A fun day on the water jumping the waves and maybe sometimes going a little too fast with our Freedom Waters guests

Charlie and Jill with Carol and Joe just before we attempt an airboat ride in the Everglades >>>


<<< Carol waving goodbye early one morning just before leaving to catch that prize Grouper offshore

Jill with one of her many catches of the day, beating everyone with the most caught  >>>


<<< Dustin putting up a big fight with the monster he had on his line.

Joe with the Cobia he caught offshore on a small live shrimp >>>


 <<< Jean and Steven catching their first Red Grouper about 12 miles offshore from Naples

Carol made delicious Crab Imperial from the steamed crabs she picked herself.  It doesn't get much better than this, right Jeff? >>>


<<< Carol and I were happy to be one of the sponsors for the Second Annual "Heels and Reels" fishing contest in Naples.

Group photo of all the "Heels and Reels" sponsors, captains and girls >>>

<<< Two of the girls that we took fishing at the "Heels and Reels" tournament in Naples....... between the two of them they caught 12 fish >>>
<<< During a Freedom Waters event in Naples with our two new fishing buddies - on Salute to American Vets Day! >>>

<<< Carol caught 10 Red Grouper, 2 Spanish Mackerel, 2 Snapper and a 3' Shark on Grouper Scooper about 15 miles offshore from Naples.

Joe nabbed this 28"-10 lb Red Grouper along with about 10 others at our favorite honey hole in mid-May >>> 

<<< Carol and I had the perfect day on the water - blue skies, calm waters and plenty of fish to keep us jumping all day >>>


<<< Freedom Waters Boating event on a warm July day at Naples

Mom and her son enjoying the nice weather and calm boat ride >>>


<<< Toshia's enormous Crevalle Jack she caught in April on the Estero River, without any help after a 30 minute fight.

Nate with his prize Redfish he caught with live shrimp at Lovers Key >>>

<<<Looks like pound for pound, Toshia's Jack beat out Nate's Red >>>


<<< Nothing like relaxing on the boat and enjoying one of the many beautiful Gulf of Mexico sunsets.

Carol's newest passion is finding buried treasures in the sand >>>


<<< Carol happy with the large Sheepshead she just caught at Big Hickory - one of 10 we caught that day.

Richard's oversized Redfish he caught while fishing on the Estero River >>>


<<<Mark visiting us from Australia on the boat at Punta Gorda in Charlotte Harbor.  Mark just bought a home from us in Port Charlotte.

John visiting from New York by way of Holiday, Florida with a big ole catfish on his line.  John and his wife Marianne are looking to purchase a condo in Naples.>>>


<<< Cheryl caught one of many Red Grouper at our secret honey hole about 15 miles offshore from Naples

Carol kept up with her sister and caught her equal share of Red Grouper that day.  Everyone lost count at about 40 fish caught >>>


<<< Suzanne and John enjoying a day on the water with us at Punta Gorda in Charlotte Harbor

Fresh caught Grouper cooked on a wood shingle grilled Mexican style >>>

            <<< Many of you requested to see more photos of the kids fishing from our Monday fishing visits at the Orlando Rescue Mission >>
<<< More smiles and laughs from our little friends at the Orlando Rescue Mission >>>

<<<<< The Dangler - 24' Key West offshore boat we were on when we departed from Naples Bayfront Marina to go fishing in the Gulf.  We miss that boat!

Carol is very happy with one of the 16 Groupers we caught at our secret honey hole about 15 miles offshore >>>>>


<<<<< Naples Bayfront Marina, where we began one terrific day fishing on Saturday, March 17th.

Joe with two of the many Groupers he caught.  Carol did let him catch a few fish that day.  >>>>>


|<<<<< Carol's arms are starting to get tired after bringing in so many Groupers.  Too bad we couldn't keep any of them.  Grouper season is closed from February 1st until March 31st.  One guess where we are headed on Sunday, April 1st?

One of the Grouper getting ready to come on board to say hello to Carol >>>>>


<<<<< Just before boarding Snapper Trapper at the Harborage Marina in downtown St. Pete

A dolphin swimming around the boat looking for something to eat >>>>>


<<<<< Carol with her catch of blue crabs in Bonita Springs.  She caught 26 crabs that day

Fresh from the water into the steamer to the table - "Maryland Steamed Crabs" Florida Style>>>>>


<<<<< Jill catching a nice Crevalle Jack on Estero Bay in Bonita Springs

Charlie coming up right behind Jill with his Catfish.  He let Jill catch the biggest fish.  Charlie and Jill are looking to buy a condo from us in Fort Myers. >>>>>

<<<<< Before we moved to SW Florida, Carol and I used to take the kids at the Orlando Rescue Mission fishing every Monday afternoon.  We miss their smiles and all the good times we had with them. >>>>>
      <<<<< More of our little friends fishing at the Orlando Rescue Mission.  Their faces show how much fun they are having >>>>>

<<<<< Christmas boat parade at Salty Sam's Marina, Ft. Myers

Our cousins Russ and Joy taking a fishing break.  What a good looking couple >>>>>


<<<<< Russ wrestling with his catch

Joy is proud of the Sheepshead she caught >>>>>


<<<<< Cheryl with her prize catch.  Good work Cheryl!

The "Fishing King" - Jerry and his Redfish.  A little on the small size, isn't it Jerry? >>>>>


<<<<< Joe and Carol holding their 16 pound 29 inch Warsaw Grouper caught offshore

Carol with her Spanish Mackeral caught at Anna Maria Island >>>>>

<<<<< Burt and Michael Gold - Can you tell they are brothers? >>>>>

<<<<< Carol with Randy, the captain of Lil' Toot at Ana Maria Island

How can you not have a smile on your face when you are on the water in sunny Southwest Florida >>>>>






<<<<< Joe getting a little help holding his 42 pound Wahoo in the Keys

Carol all smiles with her big Redfish she just caught in the Gulf near Venice >>>>>



<<<<< Ginger taking a break after catching a 300 pound Blue Marlin

Carol and Joe enjoying a beautiful day on the Gulf of Mexico >>>>>


<<<<< Carol is all happy with her big Black Drum caught offshore

Wendy equally happy with the Gag Grouper she brought up right after Carol's catch.  Wendy is looking to buy a nice condo in Naples. >>>>>


<<<<< Carol with her sons, Bobby and Richard, on a twin engine Wellcraft in Jacksonville

Carol's prize Snook she caught on Father's Day right after we got off the boat at the marina in Venice >>>>>



<<<<< Carol with two Redfish she caught about 10 miles offshore from Ft. Myers.  She actually caught 3 Reds that day right after I told her that Redfish stay inshore and they wouldn't be out in the Gulf.

Joe with his Gag Grouper caught offshore from Pine Island in February >>>>>



<<<<< Cheryl and Jeff on the boat in Marco Island - What a cute couple!!!

Jeff catching a large Blacktip Shark near Sanibel Island >>>>>


<<<<< Richard with the large Crevalle Jack he caught offshore 

Carol with her Blacktip Shark off Sanabel Island >>>>>




<<<<< Joe with his best friend Charlie in Bonita Springs

 Dick got the biggest Grouper this day near Port Charlotte >>>>>